Endermology Cellulite Massage Treatment

Treatment information

Endermology is mechanical massage therapy. Using a special machine, the skin is massaged, thereby increasing the supply of blood and lymph fluid to the treated area, along with the production of collagen, making the skin smoother.

Generally about the treatment

Most women are more or less troubled by cellulite - a condition making the skin look similar to orange peel. Cellulite is most often seen on thighs, hips and buttocks.

Scientists disagree about the cause of cellulite. Some think, that cellulite is the cause of the bonds of fibrotic tissue connecting the muscle to the skin. If these bonds are tight, and the fat tissue between the muscle and the skin is pressed together, uneven parts will occur (cellulite).

Most go by the theory, that cellulite is genetically determined. Furthermore, hormonal changes and weight gain can also be the cause of it.

Unfortunately there is not currently an ideal treatment for cellulite.

FDA, which is the American counterpart for the NHS, have approved a form of treatment against cellulite, called endermology.

Endermology is mechanic massage therapy with the intent of removing cellulite, and can also be used as a supplement to liposuction.

There are several scientific studies, which show that endermology increases the supply of blood and lymph fluid to the treated areas, as well as increasing the collagen production slightly. There is, however, no guarantee that the treatment reduces cellulite in the individual case.


Persons suffering from cellulite.

The procedure

The patented LPG endermology machine is supplied with a treatment head with 2 motorised rolls. The practitioner will move the head across the skin, creating a fold with the help of vacuum. This is pain free.

According to the manufacturer LPG, the endermology massage has an impact on the tissue, dissolving the cellulite and stimulating the circulation throughout all the skin layers. The increasing blood and lymph supply brings fresh oxygen and nutritional materials to all the skin layers, and even beneath the skin too.

The improved circulation caused by the endermology is said flush out excess water and fat away and out of the body. The result is meant to give the patient a smoother and better looking skin, as well as a reduction of cellulite.

A treatment typically takes 35-45 minutes. Be aware that repeated treatments are necessary.

There is a lot of disagreement on the amount of treatments needed, before the results will show. Some say, that the result is already visible after 3-7 treatments. Others argue that it takes a minimum of 14 treatments.


This treatment is non-surgical. No sedation is needed.


There are no side effects to endermology, although bruising may occur in rare cases.

It is advised not to have the endermology treatment, if you are taking certain medicines, or if you have a weak heart.

Risk of complications

There are no registered risks of serious complications after endermology treatment.

Healing and recovery

Work and social life can be resumed immediately after the treatment. The manufacturer recommends, that you drink lots of fluid before and after the treatment.

Duration of the result

Repeated treatments with endermology may relieve problems with cellulite and cause temporary improvements!

There are no clinical or scientific studies to show, that endermology can provide long-term results.