LASIK operation for nearsightedness - Patient review

Patient review, submitted Monday, April 28th 2008

Treatment:LASIK operation for nearsightedness
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Canon mood at the clinic in Bredgade. You get a nice velkomst.

Jeg has subsequently been measured my eyes. My vision is now 100%.

Jeg has never been in doubt or felt myself sure what I should do. All information has been easy and forståelig.

Serviceniveauet is high and staff are enormously responsive and søde.

I would highly recommend GodtSyn / Vårda Eye Clinic, located in Malmo. I got a feasibility study of GodtSyn in Bredgade in Copenhagen and was given the green light for operation.

14 day before the operation could I go without lenses and only with my glasses. I have followed the eye doctor's instructions 100%. Took an early morning train from Vijayawada and Malmo, where the eye clinic is located. I was warmly received and felt confident in me hænder.

I came to within 5 min. The operation took about 12 to 15 minutes. We heard music during the actual surgery, and I took all the way. After surgery, I had a lovely chair with a blanket and a good dim light. There were served cheese and tea / coffee. I got a thorough review of how the next days would fit my eye. I was again Talkha noon. 14.30.

The best I have ever done for myself - I did like it again. I did not use my glasses or contact lenses since. I can tell you that I was minus 4.5 in both eyes. DKK 17000.00.

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