» September 4th 2019:

Which is the world's vainest city?

Is it a plastic surgery centre such as Seoul or Rio de Janeiro, or a hotbed of selfie-takers such as Manhattan?With his penchant for posting topless photos of himself to his 181 million Instagram followers, Cristiano Ronaldo is pretty notorious for his vanity. (“Yes bro! Your body is ripped,” wrote one fan on a photo of the footballer meditating in the bath). “You used to see Ronaldo standing in front of the mirror loving himself,” said the former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson in an interview a couple of years ago. “But it was a nice vanity.”It is easy to find individuals who are preoccupied with their looks, but hard to define exactly what makes a person vain. Factors such as economics, culture and age all influence how much we care about our appearance. Is there evidence that people in certain cities are more image-conscious than others? Continue reading...

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