» July 16th 2019:

Audrey Eyton obituary

Co-founder of Slimming magazine who wrote The F-Plan Diet – the book that revolutionised British eating habits in the 1980sFor a woman who preferred to remain behind the scenes, Audrey Eyton, who has died aged 83, did more to revolutionise British eating habits than any television chef in the past 40 years. A powerhouse in the nascent UK diet industry, she co-founded Slimming magazine, wrote The F-Plan Diet and used her wealth to challenge our disregard for farm animals’ welfare and appetite for meat.Slimming magazine began as a kitchen-table operation with her then husband, Tom Eyton, in Caterham, Surrey. It was 1969 and the two faced considerable cynicism that readers would want their local newsagent to know they were worried about their weight. It was the first display of the former beauty editor’s pin-sharp ability to recognise a change in public taste and the opening of a lucrative new market: within three issues it was selling 140,000 copies. Continue reading...

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