» July 2nd 2018:

The Guardian view on the NHS at 70: your health service needs you | Editorial

Britain’s healthcare system faces huge challenges. It will take more than public affection to ensure it survivesAneurin Bevan, the Labour health minister who created the NHS 70 years ago this week, said that providing free healthcare funded by general taxation as a right was “the most civilised step any country had ever taken”. To modern ears the phrase sounds quaint, but the service continues to be an object of veneration. The Conservative politician Nigel Lawson once called it the closest thing English people have to a religion.Bevan resigned from Attlee’s cabinet in 1951, believing that Britain’s postwar claim to “moral leadership of the world” was slipping. But the charges for prescriptions, spectacles and dentistry that were among his reasons for quitting have turned out not to be the precursors to all sorts of other fees. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, prescriptions are once again free. A Conservative prime minister has just promised NHS England a birthday gift of billions of pounds. Continue reading...

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