» January 29th 2018:

I left the NHS to work as a cosmetic doctor. I've never looked back

I may not be saving lives, but Iím certainly changing some of them for the betterI didnít grow up wanting to be a cosmetic doctor. I trained to be a surgeon in the NHS. So how did I end up working in the private sector injecting botox into people trying to avoid the ageing process?Growing up, I wanted to be an artist. My dad had other ideas and gave me five options: be a doctor, dentist, lawyer, engineer or accountant. That may sound mean, but I realised later in life that my Nigerian parents were preparing me for the harsh realities of being a black man in the UK; they wanted to give me the best chance possible.

A common misconception is that Iím a failed surgeon because Iím not operating any moreWithin 15 minutes her nose was straight. She held the mirror with shaking hands, burst into tears and hugged me. Her world had changed Continue reading...

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Source: guardian.co.uk