Warts (Skin Tumours)


Here, you will find all the treatments for Warts (Skin Tumours). The treatments are categorised according to the method used. Click on a treatment in order to read more, or go directly to the clinics that perform the requested treatment.

Non-Ablative Skin Laser and IPL

There are several techniques with the use of non-ablative laser and IPL, which, with the use of heat, can make warts disappear. All these techniques are more gentle than treatment with ablative lasers.

Information on wart removal with non-ablative laser/ipl  

Ablative Skin Laser

The laser has great precision and is capable of burning away the unwanted tissue (the actual wart). The removal of warts (skin tumours) with laser is often used, when medical treatment is not sufficient, or in cases with several, spread out warts.

Information on wart removal with ablative laser  

Surgical Procedure

Warts are usually treated by excision or cryo-therapy (freezing). The treatment is laid out depending on the type and the amount of warts.

Information on wart removal / skin tumour removal