Thread Veins (Spider Veins)


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Non-Ablative Skin Laser and IPL

For people with reddening (often in the face or neck area) or tiny, visible blood vessels (usually on the legs) treatment with laser/IPL is a good solution. The method is best suited for the smallest of vessels, whereas the larger ones should be r...

Information on thread veins/reddening removal using non-ablative laser/ipl  

Ablative Skin Laser

Today, non-ablative lasers are used more often than these ablative ones. The ablative lasers, which burn away the upper layer of skin, can still be suited for treatment of a small area. They are typically used for the spider-like formations of blo...

Information on thread veins/reddening removal using ablative laser  

Sclerotherapy (Sclerosing Injection)

A description of this treatment is currently unavailable! Mylooks is in the process of gathering important information about this treatment. Please note, that the clinics offering this treatment will still be displayed when clicking t...

Information on thread vein removal with sclerotherapy  

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