Pigmented Lesions (pigment spots)


Here, you will find all the treatments for Pigmented Lesions (pigment spots). The treatments are categorised according to the method used. Click on a treatment in order to read more, or go directly to the clinics that perform the requested treatment.

Chemical Peel (Cauterisation of the Skin)

TCA acid is used for superficial and average depth peels. The treatment is effective against freckles, as well as many other unwanted skin conditions.

Information on tca chemical peel against freckles  

Non-Ablative Skin Laser and IPL

Pigment spots can be removed or reduced effectively, using laser or intense pulsed light (IPL), which gently damages only the pigmentation spots, leaving the rest of the skin intact.

Information on pigment spots removal with intense pulsed light (ipl)