Birthmark Removal


Here, you will find all the treatments for Birthmark Removal. The treatments are categorised according to the method used. Click on a treatment in order to read more, or go directly to the clinics that perform the requested treatment.

Non-Ablative Skin Laser and IPL

If you have birthmarks, that are not required to be removed instantly, you can make them less prominent, using IPL or non-ablative laser. The treatment is a lot gentler, although less effective, than treatment with ablative laser.

Information on birthmark removal using non-ablative laser/ipl/rf  

Ablative Skin Laser

Ablative laser is suitable for removal of birthmarks, because the laser is able to remove the tissue very precisely. The laser burns away the birthmark, leaving new skin immediately.

Information on birthmark removal using ablative laser  

Surgical Procedure

Traditionally, birthmarks are removed by cutting them off (excision). The procedure is relatively uncomplicated and is performed in most places.

Information on birthmark removal surgery