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Problems with Vagina / Treatment of Vagina

Intimate surgery for women is a relatively new area within aesthetic plastic surgery.

During the latest years, surgery for the vaginal area has become more and more common, and surgeons from the UK and abroad inform of an increasing interest in intimate surgery for women, and they generally get many enquiries about surgery of the vagina.

Some women feel inhibited when it comes to sexual activities, whereas others suffer from complexes about the appearance of their vagina, and avoid showering in public.

Too big genital lips or asymmetry can be a big issue for some women. The most common problem is too large inner genital lips (inner labia). During surgery against this, the size of the vaginal lips is reduced, to create more harmony.

After pregnancy the woman's pelvic musculature will have become very expanded. Some women experience a loss of tightness in the vagina after childbirth. This can be improved with intimate surgery. Furthermore it is possible to have fat removed from the vulva. A reconstruction of the hymen is also possible.

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