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Problems with Teeth / Treatment of Teeth

The teeth serve the purpose of chewing food and mixing it with saliva, in order to promote the swallowing process, as well as breaking down the nutrients. Despite their lifeless appearance, the teeth are living structures just as other organs of the body. In the middle of the tooth there is a cavity which contains the blood vessels and nerves of the tooth (pulpa).

To us humans, teeth are more than just a function. The teeth are also part of our smile. To smile and laugh is to express ourselves, which is essential to us humans, seeing as this has a positive affect on us and on the people around us. The smile is joy, enthusiasm, satisfaction and much more. Healthy, white and well aligned teeth are part of what makes a beautiful smile.

Unfortunately, many people are not pleased with their teeth, which can be for several reasons. Some have discoloured and yellowish teeth, ugly fillings, or damages to the teeth, whereas others are missing teeth, or simply have huge gaps between the teeth. Regardless of the condition, they all seem to affect people to a degree where they will be uncomfortable about showing their teeth to others.

For those who wish to have their teeth improved, this can be obtained through cosmetic dentistry.

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