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Skin Tumour (Wart)

Problems with Skin Tumour (Wart) / Treatment of Skin Tumour (Wart)

A tumour is basically a growth in the cells. Skin tumours on the skin show up as lumps, growing on the skin.

Benign (harmless) tumours are per definition not life threatening, and they are not capable of spreading beyond their area of growth, so once the tumour has been removed, it will not return, and under normal circumstances it will not spread to other areas either.

Please be aware, that it is very common to have tiny skin tumours all around the body. Some people are more genetically predisposed to them than others, but some tumours can also develop or become stimulated due to sun exposure. Environmental factors play a part as well.

A wart is an often occuring form of tumour, which is seen on many people. It is possible to have warts removed for cosmetic reasons. Many, both women and men, have such treatment done.

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