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Problems with Scars / Treatment of Scars

Once the skin is in the healing process after an injury, regardless of whether the damage is the result of an accident, operation, a burn, or acne, it will - if several layers of the skin are affected - create a scar.

Once a scar has formed, it is permanent. With an operation, and use of several different techniques, there is a possibility of making a scar less visible.

Everyone has scars, but not everyone is bothered by them, seeing as there can be a significant difference between the size of the scars, where on the body they appear, and how prominent they are. Many people with very visible scars are very much aware of them, and in some cases to such extent that it affects their self confidence. Such a burden can have a significant influence on these persons and their daily life. Fortunately for those who wish to have their scars corrected or removed, a scar correction is possible.

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