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Pigment Spots

Problems with Pigment Spots / Treatment of Pigment Spots

Pigment changes in the skin can either be inborn or appear with age. Inborn pigmented spots, such as freckles, are genetically inherited, whereas pigment spots that have come with age are often due to sun damage and/or hormonal changes.

There are several different kinds of pigmentation spots: Freckles which, as mentioned above, are inborn, age spots, and liver spots, which occur with age as well, hormonally determined pigmentation, such as a pregnancy mask, also called melasma or chloasmata, and beauty spots.

Freckles can be removed, but have a tendency to return. Liver spots, which are often seen in the face and on the hands, can easily be treated and removed permanently. Many patients have treatment against this, because they feel that it makes the skin look old. Melasma or chloasmata can be removed temporarily.

Beauty marks can also be treated, but it is highly recommended to investigate them thoroughly before the surgery. For more information, please have a look under birthmarks.

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