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Problems with Penis / Treatment of Penis

Intimate surgery for men is a considerably new area within cosmetic surgery, but it seems to have become more and more common.

Many of the patients who wish to have intimate surgery done, feel inhibited in sexual relations, and they might also be troubled, when it comes to sports and public bathing. Most of these men complain about their penis being too small - not in erect condition, but when flaccid.

The length of the penis is actually a lot less important than a lot of people might think, at least when it comes to the sexual function of it. However, it is also a reality that just as the size of a woman's breasts can have a great effect on her self-identification and sense of femininity, the size of the penis can have the same effect on man's sense of masculinity. For men who feel inhibited by the size of his penis, a surgical procedure might helt alleviate the problem.

Studies show that women value the thickness of the penis higher than the length of it, in regards to sexual relations. Some men experience that their penis is too thin, and a thickening operation, transplanting either skin or fat tissue, can help resolve this matter.

In the case of a curved or bent penis, correction is also possible through plastic surgery.

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