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Problems with Legs / Treatment of Legs

The leg muscles are the largest and strongest muscles we have. They are designed for lifting and carrying. But the legs also have other beneficial qualities. Beautiful legs are something that can really turn on most people - men as well as women.

Beautiful legs are something that women in particular have always strived to achieve. Long, slender, smooth legs is the ideal for a lot of women, but unfortunately also unobtainable for most, at least as far as length goes. The length of the legs is genetically determined, and there is not much you can do to change that. Many women put a lot of effort into making thier legs smooth and slim. They rub, scrub, and exercise, especially when the bikini season gets close.

For men, the ideal is a muscular appearance. This is why so-called soccer legs are very popular with the ladies. Muscular legs represent strength and symbolise a strong, solid foundation.

To many people, beach activities and sports exercise are off limits. This is often due to the embarrassment of having to show their legs in public. Obviously this is not a pleasant situation to be in, but luckily there is the choice of having cosmetic surgery. This can improve the appearance of the legs, and thereby boost the patient's self-confidence. Many choose to have liposuction done on the legs, in combination with removal of excess skin. It is also possible to have the calves enlarged.

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