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Hair Loss

Problems with Hair Loss / Treatment of Hair Loss

A human being has between 80.000 and 120.000 hairs on their head. The precise amount, hair type, and colour is genetically determined. The main purpose of the hair is to isolate the small blood-leading capillaries, which regulate the body temperature.

Age, genes, and the hormone level in the body are the 3 main factors that come into play, when the hair stops growing. Stress, pregnancy, and your diet can also have an effect. "Male pattern baldness" is the most common form of hair loss, and it is due to a genetically caused sensitivity to the male hormone. Women can also suffer from male pattern baldness.

Traditionally, baldness is a sign of ageing, and thereby also a sign of weakness and impotence. Bald men would be considered harmless and no longer part of the competition for the women. The view on baldness has changed throughout recent years though, at least in the western world. A shaven head has been fashionable for quite some time now, and even David Beckham has chosen to shave his hair off for long periods of time.

If hair loss has become an issue for you, and you wish to restore your hair, this is now possible through hair transplant surgery. This treatment is one of the most common cosmetic treatments for men to have done, and even women choose to be treated for hair loss as well.

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