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Hair Growth

Problems with Hair Growth / Treatment of Hair Growth

The human being is able to grow an incredible amount of hair all over the body. The amount of hair we have and its colour is genetically determined. Both men and women have been removing unwanted hair growth for years, in one way or the other. Our culture and society have a powerful influence on where the male and female should have hair, to what extent, and where they should definitely not have hair. Time, along with fashion, has left its mark when it comes to the amount of body hair that we desire.

While some hairs on the body are growing, others are in what is called a resting phase. Only a few hairs in each area will be in the growth phase at a time. Due to this, permanent hair removal is not easy, seeing as you can only remove hairs that are in the growth phase, and not in the resting phase.

On the arms and legs only 20 % of the hairs are in growth, on the chin 70 % and on the upper lip 65 %. Permanent hair removal is therefore a process that requires several treatments, usually around 3-9.

Unwanted hair growth can be removed from all over the body. The chest, stomach, back, around and under the navel, underarms, upper arms, loin, thighs, buttocks, instep, toes, armpits, neck, shoulders, cheeks, chin, upper lip, between the eyebrows, as well as in the genital area. Both men and women have permanent hair removal treatments, and there are several different methods to choose from.

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