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Problems with Face / Treatment of Face

As we age, the signs of aging will slowly, but definately start to show in our faces. To which extent, and how quickly varies from person to person. One thing is for certain though, which is that our genes play an important role in the ageing process. The forces of nature are unstoppable, even despite the use various skin care products.

As the years go by, the skin will become loose and wrinkled. Additionally, the elasticity of the connective tissue will slowly decrease. Smoking, excessive intake of alcohol, and sunbathing are all factors which have a negative effect on the skin.

Although you might feel young and energetic on the inside, the reflection in the mirror may project something different. This is also the reason that many - both women and men - have cosmetic surgery or non-surgical treatments done to the face, with the purpose of improving their appearance. Facelift, brow lift, and face implants are some of the available options. Furthermore, skin scraping, skin cauterisation, as well as injectible treatments against wrinkles, are also quite popular.

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