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Eyelids & Brows

Problems with Eyelids & Brows / Treatment of Eyelids & Brows

The area around the eyes, which includes the eyelids and eyebrows is a very important area, seen from a cosmetic point of view. Usually when people feel that they look tired, old, or angry, it is usually related to the appearance of their eye surroundings.

The eyelids are the thinnest skin we have in the face, and they have the questionable honour of being one of first places where time will leave its unforgiving marks. Heavy and droopy eyelids, or bags and loose skin underneath the eyes give a tired and aged appearance. Sagging eyebrows also seems to have the effect of making someone look tired, sad or unalert. All these conditions are factors, which can have a negative effect on the everyday life and the contact with other people.

With a correction of the eyelids, or a brow lift you will be able to achieve a fresher, younger, and more positive facial expression, while the visual field is also often improved also. The self confidence usually increases as well. Operations of the eye surroundings is some of the most common cosmetic surgery, and both men and women have it done.

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