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Problems with Chin / Treatment of Chin

A face in harmony is important for the general appearance. A defined chin of the right size, for example, adds balance to the face. Additionally, the chin greatly affects the look in profile. Normally when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we have a tendency to focus more on the size of our nose and ears, as well as on the wrinkles in our face. Not many of us pay much attention to the chin, but it is in fact a very essential part of our overall appearance. Fact is, that a weak chin or a double chin is everything but an asset.

Regardless of whether you might have a chin that is too large or too small, a surgeon will be able to improve it. If your chin is too big it can be reduced, and if it is too small, it can be enhanced. This procedure can be done on its own, but it can also be done in combination with surgery of the nose, seeing as the nose and chin should fit together proportionally. It is also quite common to have chin surgery and a facelift done at the same time.

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