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Problems with Breasts / Treatment of Breasts

The female breast has been a symbol of femininity throughout many years, and to most women, their breasts have a huge effect on their
well-being and on their sense of womanhood. The breasts develop differently for each individual woman, and they will change their appearance and size throughout her entire lifetime. It is also quite common for a woman's two breasts to be of different sizes.

Whether you like it or not, the size of a woman's breasts is genetically determined, and there is no drug, diet, or any form of exercise that can really change the size or shape of the breasts.

Some prefer small breasts and think they are sexy, whereas others like them to be as big as possible. The majority of women, who wish to have breast surgery, choose to have the breasts enlarged and reshaped. Others are troubled from big breasts and wish to have them reduced. Lastly, there are those, who wish to have a breast lift, and those who wish to have an asymmetrical breast corrected.

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