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Problems with Arms / Treatment of Arms

The arms are the our limbs that emerge from the shoulders, and have a significant functional value in our daily life. Not many people think about their arms. They are just there.

What most of us might not consider, is that the arms also bring safety and warmth. The human embrace is made by the arms, we use the them to hug and hold those we care for. Additionally, the upper arms of a man has always been a symbol of strength and power.

These days there are thousands of people who are unhappy about the appearance of their arms. Many hide them away in a long-sleeved shirt, and would never be seen in public wearing a sleeveless top or t-shirt. Due to this, the public swimming pool is also off limits for these people.

Men as well as women are able to have liposuction of the upper arms. In some cases it might be necessary to remove excess skin after the surgery. Others contact a surgeon to have an operation or an injection treatment, if they suffer from excess sweating from under the arms.

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