Ask the doctor: Hair loss in women


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Author divadk
Submitted: 10-10-2006


Hair loss in women

During the last couple of years, my mother has lost more and more of her hair, and she's starting to appear thinning.

She has visited a dermatologist, but they can't do anything about it.

What are her options? Do you know any products - maybe pills or something else - that could regrow her hair?

... or would a hair transplant be the best solution?


Author Mazhar Hussain
Submitted: 30-10-2006
Clinic My Hair Clinic
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Hi Diva!

Provided that the dermatologist doesn't suspect any illness aside from normal hair loss, I would recommend that she tries Regaine 5 % (50 mg/ml).

Up to almost half of patients can benefit from this medicine. Any effect will usually be evident after 4-6 months, and the effect will only last as long as the medicine is used.

If no cosmetic improvement can be seen after 6 months, there's no reason to continue taking the medicine.

Furthermore I would recommend massage of the scalp.

The only permanent solution to the hair loss is a hair transplant. In most cases it is possible to achieve a good result, as the donor area usually is in good shape.


Mohammad Mazhar Hussain
Specialist doctor in general medicine