Ask the doctor: Hair transplantation in the eyebrows


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Author anirac
Submitted: 09-03-2008


Hair transplantation in the eyebrows

Dear doctors

I've been "clever" enough to loose parts of my eyebrows by experimenting on them with a hair removal agent as a teenager.

Therefore I'd like to have eyebrow hairs transplanted onto the little bare spots. When I read about regular hair transplants with single hairs, I'm thinking that it must be possible to do the same in the eyebrow area?!

I hope you can help me.

Sincerely Carina


Author Mazhar Hussain
Submitted: 15-03-2008
Clinic My Hair Clinic
Education Speciallęge i almen medicin


Dear Carina

With the FUE hair transplantation technique, it's possible to take the exact number of hairs needed. This is preferable compared to the strip technique, which will often give you too many hairs as well as a linear scar in the back of the head.

Using FUE it's even possible to use body hair from the back of the hand or from other places on the body. Their growth is poorer, but body hair has the advantage that they don't require a hair cut quite so often as head hair which grow quicker.

In women it often isn't possible to use body hair (and I think that they're quite happy about this :-)). Instead the back of the head or neck can be used as donor area. The quick growth will require you to cut the transplanted hair 3-5 times each month.


Mohammad Mazhar Hussain
Specialist doctor in general medicine