Ask the doctor: Hair transplantation on scars


Author nicky S
Submitted: 20-08-2007


Hair transplantation on scars


I'm a 16 year old boy. Not too long ago I had two birthmarks removed from my scalp. This has left me with two very ugly scars. I can't manage to hide them, and this makes me very unhappy.

However, I've heard that you can take hair from another place and have it inserted where my scar is.

Is it true that I would be able to have my scars covered with a hair transplant?

Regards, Nicky


Author Mazhar Hussain
Submitted: 20-08-2007
Clinic My Hair Clinic
Education Speciallęge i almen medicin


Hello Nicky

It is possible to transplant hair onto your scars.

You must be aware that the growth of hair in scar tissue can vary, though in most cases a good level of growth can be achieved.

The most suited technique will be an FUE hair transplant.


Mohammad Mazhar Hussain
Specialist doctor in general medicine