Ask the doctor: Removal of transplanted hair including the scars?!


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Author fodbold
Submitted: 15-09-2006


Removal of transplanted hair including the scars?!

Is it possible to remove transplanted hair by abrasion or peeling. Particularly in order to completely get rid of the "doll hair" look that is the result of planting grafts from the neck area?

Would it also be possible to remove the scar from the donor area in the neck, using the same method?

If so, will the skin get a normal appearance when it heals, and do you have any experience with treating patients in this manner?


Author Mazhar Hussain
Submitted: 25-09-2006
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"Doll hair" hair transplants or "plug surgery" often results in an unnatural cosmetic result and a wish for corrective follow-up surgery.

To fully evaluate your situation I would need more information, but in principle there are two methods for coping with the problem:

1. The "doll hairs"/plugs (the transplanted grafts) are removed. For this there are several methods, including laser and another type of light treatment called IPL, each having its pros and cons. My knowledge of abrasion and peeling is limited, but I couldn't imagine that these treatment techniques could be used for hair removal. However you can try to contact clinics where these methods are used.

As a rule I would advise against removing the hair. This due to the fact that "doll hair" is often placed in a visible indentation in the skin. If the hair is removed, the indentation will become even more prominent, and you will be left with a new cosmetic problem.

2. A new hair transplant, where an attempt is made to make the "doll hair" look less significant. This can be accomplished by placing grafts in between the "doll hair" plugs. Using the FUE method, it is also possible to remove single hairs from the plugs and transplant these to the areas between the plugs.

With the FUE method, the individual plug will contain fewer hairs, and fewer hairs must be transplanted in order to reduce the prominence of the plugs. Furthermore, the use of the FUE method removes the risk of getting an unsightly scar in the donor area.

With regard to scars in the donor area, I would recommend a hair transplant with the FUE method. Since we are talking about scar tissue, there is a risk of the transplanted hair not growing, but in most cases a good growth can be achieved.

In the majority of cases I would recommend that the FUE method be used for treatment of a "doll hair" condition. If the case involves removing grafts completely, for example in the bald spot, actual hair removal should of course be considered.

As mentioned, you should seek individual counseling regarding your situation.

Kind regards

Mohammad Mazhar Hussain
Specialist doctor in general medicine