Ask the doctor: Thinning hair


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Author Jay-Jay
Submitted: 01-05-2006


Thinning hair

My hair has started to thin during the last couple of years. If I just let it grow a little, it gets even thinner.

I'd like to be able to grow my hair a little longer and not always have a short haircut.

Is there a way to make my hair more thick/voluminous?


Author Mazhar Hussain
Submitted: 07-05-2006
Clinic My Hair Clinic
Education Speciallęge i almen medicin



You can use Minoxidil (Regaine - comes in both 2% and 5% resolutions) and/or Finasteride 1 mg (Propecia).

Aside from medicinal treatment, it can be recommended to massage your scalp on a regular basis.


Mohammad Mazhar Hussain
Specialist doctor in general medicine