Will cosmetic surgery be right for me?

There's no doubt that a patient can gain obvious and great benefits from cosmetic surgery, and this can make it very appealing. However, it is not for everyone. If you're considering cosmetic surgery, you should be aware of the following circumstances:

  • There are great benefits of having cosmetic surgery, BUT, there are also limits for the result. No surgery or treatment can give you perfection, and likewise there's no guarantee that the result will turn out exactly as you imagined it.
  • Keep realistic expectations. A cosmetic treatment can alter your body or your face - not your life! Although an improved look can add to your self-confidence, a cosmetic treatment still won't solve your career, marital problems, or emotional issues.
  • Plan your treatment at a time, when you won't be feeling stressed, and when you have good emotional support behind you.
  • Also, you should be prepared to tolerate discomfort during and after the surgery, along with possible scars and side effects.
  • Be aware, that with all surgery - including cosmetic surgery - there's a risk of complications.
  • Make sure to organize your economy, so you're able to pay for your treatment yourself or have it financed properly.
  • Cosmetic surgery is not suited for people, who have a tendency for severe mood swings, unpredictable behaviour, who are drug or alcohol abusers. Neither are persons who receive treatment against clinical depression or other forms of mental illness.

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