Patient Choice

As of April 2008, healthcare patients will now have free choice of which hospital, they wish to receive treatment from. Anyone who has been referred to a specialist by their GP, has the right to choose the hospital, they wish to go to.

Any hospital or clinic that can provide NHS standard care at NHS prices can be chosen. This also include private clinics and hospitals.

In some cases, you will not be given a choice. If you're in need of treatment quickly, or if the hospital, you request, doesn't have the required specialist, the choice may be made for you. Mental health services and maternity services are not subject to Patient Choice.

Making the appointment

If you already know where and when you would like to go for your first appointment, when you see you GP, he or she can make a booking for you right away. If you would rather think about it and compare providers before making a choice, you can make the appointment yourself by calling the Choose and Book service or by using their website. Please See the link below.

You're entitled to a second opinion, even after having gone to the initial appointment at the hospital or clinic. If you wish to have a second opinion after having gone to an initial appointment with a provider, please speak to your GP.

Finding the right hospital or clinic

Use the Patient Guide (link below) here on Mylooks to find the private hospitals and clinics that offer the treatment you desire. You can also simply visit our Clinic Directory. If we've received Patient Reviews of the clinic or hospital, you'll find these here too.

You can also make a search on the NHS Choices website (link below). Here, you'll find detailed information on every hospital in the UK, including cleanliness scores, and how former patients have rated the hospital.

Further information

You can also pick up a leaflet at your GP surgery or local library, or visit the NHS website - Patient Choice section.