How do I choose the right surgeon/treatment provider?

Choosing to have cosmetic surgery is a very important decision. It's also important to choose the right treatment provider and clinic for the surgery, regardless of whether the choice is cosmetic surgery, other cosmetic treatments, eye surgery or dental surgery.

These steps will help you to choose the right clinic or hospital:

  1. Visit
  2. Use the Patient Guide to find a treatment that's suitable for your needs. It could be, that more than one treatment come in question. Many times, there will be several types of treatments for the same condition. This is particularly true of the non-surgical treatments.
  3. When you've found a treatment through the Patient Guide, make sure to read thoroughly about the treatment. If you're unsure which of several different treatments is right for you, read about the treatments, but don't try to make a decision yourself. The treatment provider, you choose to see at an initial appointment, will help you make this decision.
  4. When on the treatment information page, click on the link to go to clinics and prices. Compare the clinics. View their before- and after photos, if they have any. Visit the clinic’s website to read more.
  5. Visit the Common Questions section to get answers to typical questions you might have. Read relevant articles from the Patient Information section. You can also visit our Discussion Forums (opening soon) to get advice from others, who've gone through the same treatment.
  6. Choose 1 or 2 clinics that seem appealing. Contact the clinic or clinics in order to arrange for an initial appointment.


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