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How do I choose the right surgeon/treatment provider?

How do I choose the right surgeon/treatment provider?

Chosing to have cosmetic surgery or other forms of cosmetic treatment is a big decision, and it is very important to choose the right treatment provider for the job. In this article we've tried to sum up the different steps that you should go through before chosing on a particular clinic or hospital for the treatment.
Regulation on Cosmetic Treatment

Regulation on Cosmetic Treatment

Before undergoing cosmetic surgery or other forms of cosmetic treatment at a private hospital or in a private clinic, you should know the rules governing the area. Most providers of cosmetic treatments must be registered with the Healthcare Commission, but not all. Get to know for yourself with this brief summary of the rules that clinics and hospitals must follow.
Wishing for smaller breasts...

Wishing for smaller breasts...

Read Lise's personal story about her greatest wish of all - The wish to have smaller breasts. The 23-year-old tells us her story of how she struggled with the both physical and psychological burden og having very large breast, why she finally choose to have surgery, and how her closest family reacted to this decision. Today, after having breast reduction surgery, Lise is immensely happy with the result, and she now helps other women who contemplate having breast reduction surgery.
Non-surgical options for the treatment of hair loss

Non-surgical options for the treatment of hair loss

The search for new ways to help those suffering from hair loss has captured word-wide attention. Some new non-surgical hair loss treatment techniques and products have been proven to be of benefit, while others have simply played on the emotional strings of those who suffer from the problem. Professor of Dermatology, Dr. Robert M. Bernstein, takes a look at the treatment options available.
» 22-08-2017

Hate taking eye drops? Try a heated mask instead

We asked eye expert Dr Maryam Zamani, an oculoplastic surgeon at the Cadogan Clinic, to assess some of the latest products, then we rated them.
» 15-08-2017

'Bone lifts' could be the future of cosmetic treatments

EXCLUSIVE: For the first time, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School scientists have mapped the ageing changes of facial bones in detail over the course of eight years.
» 11-08-2017

Plastic surgery madness on Capitol Hill

The plastic surgery surge has never been more stark than now as the August recess was pushed back, flooding waiting rooms with patients looking for a time to squeeze an appointment.
» 07-08-2017

The Shape of the Pain review – kaleidoscopic exercise in empathy

Summerhall, Edinburgh

A winning performance amid exhilarating sound and lighting gives universal resonance to this account of the director’s rare conditionIs it possible for us to understand someone else’s pain, to really feel how they do? Director Rachel Bagshaw tries to do just that in this unique, disconcerting and always compel...
» 03-08-2017

Third of Britons say beauty spots helps boost their mood 

Places like Stonehenge or the Lake District (pictured) improved the mood of visitors and gave them a sense of mental well-being.