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How do I choose the right surgeon/treatment provider?

How do I choose the right surgeon/treatment provider?

Chosing to have cosmetic surgery or other forms of cosmetic treatment is a big decision, and it is very important to choose the right treatment provider for the job. In this article we've tried to sum up the different steps that you should go through before chosing on a particular clinic or hospital for the treatment.
Regulation on Cosmetic Treatment

Regulation on Cosmetic Treatment

Before undergoing cosmetic surgery or other forms of cosmetic treatment at a private hospital or in a private clinic, you should know the rules governing the area. Most providers of cosmetic treatments must be registered with the Healthcare Commission, but not all. Get to know for yourself with this brief summary of the rules that clinics and hospitals must follow.
Wishing for smaller breasts...

Wishing for smaller breasts...

Read Lise's personal story about her greatest wish of all - The wish to have smaller breasts. The 23-year-old tells us her story of how she struggled with the both physical and psychological burden og having very large breast, why she finally choose to have surgery, and how her closest family reacted to this decision. Today, after having breast reduction surgery, Lise is immensely happy with the result, and she now helps other women who contemplate having breast reduction surgery.
Non-surgical options for the treatment of hair loss

Non-surgical options for the treatment of hair loss

The search for new ways to help those suffering from hair loss has captured word-wide attention. Some new non-surgical hair loss treatment techniques and products have been proven to be of benefit, while others have simply played on the emotional strings of those who suffer from the problem. Professor of Dermatology, Dr. Robert M. Bernstein, takes a look at the treatment options available.
» 16-07-2019

Audrey Eyton obituary

Co-founder of Slimming magazine who wrote The F-Plan Diet – the book that revolutionised British eating habits in the 1980sFor a woman who preferred to remain behind the scenes, Audrey Eyton, who has died aged 83, did more to revolutionise British eating habits than any television chef in the past 40 years. A powerhouse in the nascent UK diet in...
» 14-07-2019

Is this the end of wellness?

After a trend of magical thinking and quick fixes, science-based solutions may not be so dullLike a worm cut in half, its head regenerating into a new, even angrier worm, the “wellness” trend is one that refuses to die. But this week, its wiggle appeared to wane. A certain weariness had set in. Is this the end of wellness?The evidence: “I was a ...
» 12-07-2019

The rising trend of GAPPY teeth: Dentist reveals influx of women want 'the London look'

EXCLUSIVE: Dr Mark Hughes, based in Beaconsfield, said patients are now asking him to perfect their tooth gaps instead of close them, with many even asking him to reverse past dental work.
» 03-07-2019

Capturing the art and beauty of memorials

Gabrielle Crawford explains the "beauty and detail" of the sculptures in her photos.
» 30-06-2019

Asking for Botox has been normalised, so what happens now?

Younger and younger women are being targeted with suggestions that the beauty treatment will empower themThere is a block of student flats near our offices that is the wrongest building in the world. To glance at it briefly, perhaps through tears on a bus, you might see it kindly as a 19th-century warehouse. To walk beneath it, however, with eye...